Presidents Day Sale 2018 -George Washington Commercial

Brian Ortega- 
I'm not really into musicals, plays, or films that are plastered with songs, (maybe with the exception of the Lion King- which also is a hit Broadway Musical.) But when I was doing a Google Search for "George Washington" to help me prepare for our latest commercial, his Wikipedia page was peppered with other name searches. 

That's when I saw it. "Alexander Hamilton." I remembered hearing about the craze for Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical of that name. I recalled tickets were selling for thousands of dollars for one seat. 

Why would anyone pay that much to watch a musical? 

I, of course, headed on over to Youtube to search "Lin-Manuel Miranda" and was astonished at his gift for putting lyrics together.

So, I asked, "Alexa, play the Hamilton Soundtrack from Spotify." It was a flurry of beats, stories, and lyrical prowess that took me to the founding of America. And of course, Aaron Burr, Sir.

The only thing I remembered about Aaron Burr was that Got Milk campaign from the 90s'. You know the one where the guy was eating a peanut butter sandwich and he receives the call to win, "Who shot Alexander Hamilton?"
  What's my point? This isn't the only time where you're interested in the new Toyota Camry 2018 price (well, of course we have a great deal), but it's a great time to be patriotic and support the USA! Toyota is a proud partner of the Pyeonchang Winter Olympics and the Paralympics. Watch the "Mobility Anthem" Super Bowl commercial. 

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