My Lease Is Coming To An End And I Am Not Sure What To Do?

Whether this is your first lease or you’re a seasoned leasing vet, it is always a good idea to go over your end of lease options. What are you looking to do at the end of your current lease and what are your options?

Here at Valley Hi Toyota we aim to make every part of shopping and owning a Toyota easy and enjoyable. When you start approaching the end of your lease you will start receiving notices from our Toyota Financial Services about your end of lease options are. You can also find additional resources online or come down to the dealership to speak with a member of our team in person. There are three main end of leas options for Apple Valley drivers to choose from.

  • 1.) If you have fallen in love with your current Camry, Prius or Tacoma? One of your end of lease options is to buy your current Toyota car, truck or SUV. You can also choose to extend your lease for a couple of months or a couple of years to keep driving your current vehicle.
  • 2.) Another end of lease option is to get into a new Tundra, Highlander or Corolla. Whether you want to try something new or are in need of a different vehicle to keep up with your busy day to day needs. Leasing gives Phelan drivers the ability to get into a new Toyota every two to three years. You will always be up to date with the latest advanced safety features, technology, and style.
  • 3.) The final end of lease option is simply to return the vehicle to Valley Hi Toyota. Life changes and we don't know where the road will take us and that may to a different brand, another state or are moving to being a one-car household. There are a number of different reasons to choose not to lease another Toyota and we understand that one constant thing about life is change.

The Valley Hi Toyota team is here to help our customers from all over Hesperia plan ahead with a variety of end of lease options. If you have questions we invite you to come down to the dealership today to speak with a member of our team and test drive the all-new 2019 RAV4 or lifted Tundra you have your eye on. You can also give us a call and a member of our financing team will be happy to go over your end lease options.

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