Valley Hi Toyota Is Here To Help With Your End Of Lease Worries

Leasing is the financing route that many Hesperia drivers choose because it allows them to get into a new Toyota car, truck or SUV every couple of years and also is a great way to save money. Here at Valley Hi Toyota we make getting out of one lease and into another lease very easy with several different end of lease options.

Well before the end of your current lease you will start receiving notices from Toyota Financial Services about your lease ending, you may not know exactly what to do. We have laid out the simple steps to choose from on this page. There are three main end of lease options to choose from.

  • 1. You can turn in your vehicle and purchase or lease a new Toyota. If you’re in love with the model, whether it’s a Toyota Camry, Tacoma, Tundra, Corolla, or another model, and you want the latest and greatest year with more bells and whistles, you can always buy or lease a new one.

    If you’re about to receive your income tax refund and have been patiently awaiting a different Toyota, like the newly redesigned 2019 Rav4 or Avalon, or you feel anxious to buy the Toyota with Apple CarPlay to match your iPhone, like the new 2019 Corolla Hatchback or 2019 Camry, it’s the perfect time to "level up", as the kids say. You can explore the entire lineup here. Or you can check out Valley Hi Toyota’s custom accessorized vehicles here. Lifted Tundra's, Tacoma's with leveling kits, and spruced up Rav4s and Camrys with tires and sleek rims may be at the top of your shopping list.

  • 2. You can buy the vehicle you’re currently driving. Toyota vehicles are built to last and when you have found the perfect RAV4, Tacoma or Highlander for you it can be hard to part with. By this time, you already named her and have given her tons of TLC with regular visits to Valley Hi Toyota Service Department. And not just because you love the complimentary doughnuts and delicious free coffee, but because you to keep your Toyota running like new for many miles to come.

    If you love what you’re driving, then why change a thing. All that’s left to do is get a payoff quote by logging into your TFS online account by contacting TFS at 1-800-286-0652. If you need financing or have further questions, you can come back to Valley Hi Toyota and speak with any of our financial advisors. We are experts and we’re willing to help you with any concerns you may have about your lease.

  • 3. Return your vehicle back to the Toyota dealership. Times change, tastes change, situations change and no one knows where the road will go. We understand that you may not be interested in another Toyota, or you could be leaving the area and need another vehicle. We would love for you to test drive another Toyota car, truck or SUV in our current lineup that can handle everything life has to offer.

At Valley Hi Toyota, we are your community dealership. We take pride of our Google reviews, Yelp reviews as well as Facebook reviews. We’ll be here if you ever decide to consider to come back. We have loyal customers return once they realized that Toyotas provide them the best ownership experience. You’re always family and you’re always welcome. At this time of the lease-end option, simply return your Toyota back to Valley Hi Toyota at 14612 Valley Center Drive in Victorville, across from Costco. We can begin the process of your lease ending. In the meantime, you can click here to see the Return Checklist, in order to see what to bring and how to assess your vehicle’s conditions.

When your lease ends you may have a few questions or concerns. Feel free to consider returning your Toyota for a newer version of your current model, or try out a different one this time around. Or you can keep your vehicle by looking into your payoff amount. Perfect for hanging on to your beauty or handing off to a loved one. Another option is to return the Toyota back to the dealership as you venture off. Whatever you choose, Valley Hi Toyota wants to make this process of your lease ending as seamless and as quick as possible.

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