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Does Your Toyota Need Maintenance?

Bring it to our service center

When you know that your Tundra, Corolla, or Camry needs an oil change, you can always bring it to our team of service professionals for high-level care. We've had years of training, and we know a thing or two about how your Toyota functions, and we never use aftermarket parts in your car. When you get the OEM-approved parts in your vehicle, you can rely on them to go the distance for you.

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Valley Hi Toyota Used Car Winner 16

Victor Valley News Group Member wins Car

How many spins does it take to win a Toyota Camry Hybrid? Approximately 74 to be exact. On July 2 at 3pm, Valley Hi Toyota’ went to Facebook Live and finalized Used Car Giveaway #16 by having the five finalists spin the wheel containing the car as the ultimate prize. On Round 12, VVNG member, Denise Calkins-Weldon came out as the victor! 1200 × 900



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Presidents Day Sale 2018 -George Washington Commercial

Brian Ortega- 
I'm not really into musicals, plays, or films that are plastered with songs, (maybe with the exception of the Lion King- which also is a hit Broadway Musical.) But when I was doing a Google Search for "George Washington" to help me prepare for our latest commercial, his Wikipedia page was peppered with other name searches. 

That's when I saw it. "Alexander Hamilton." I remembered hearing about the craze for Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical of that name. I recalled tickets were selling for thousands of dollars for one seat. 

Why would anyone pay that much to…
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Memorial Day 2017 Remembering the Fallen

by Evelyn Brown (from our newsletter)

May is an extremely hard month for our nation's military families the world over. It is a time of reflection for us to never forget the sacrifices our men and woman in uniform make for you and me. You know them; the ones who go to war in lands that are not their own.

My mind wandered to two distinct but yet important events in our history. First remembering Seal Team Six commonly known in military circles as Extortion 17. In 2011 this team single-handily took out the terrorists who attacked  the World…

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The Better Deal Is Up the Hill

When it comes to car shopping in the High Desert, a common phrase you'll hear is "you'll find a better deal down the hill." Which is the perfect concept when it came down to design Valley Hi Toyota's latest billboard.
 Remember the kids game, telephone? It was used to teach us that in just a few conversations something said can change dramatically. Now we have Twitter, where in 140 characters, rumors, stats…
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Extended Weekly Service Hours

Recently, we held a poll asking our customers questions about our Service Department. We had an overwhelming response which led us to a change in our hours. As a result, Valley Hi Toyota is pleased to announce we have extended the service hours for "Basic Oil Change ONLY".  So here is how it works:

 1.) When scheduling your appointments with our Service Coordinator; Julie Mogk at 760.241.6484 X 6558, or one of your…

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Toyota Dealership Announces Car Giveaway on Facebook Live

Car Dealership makes it a habit to give cars away using Social Media.
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Winner announced on Facebook Live last year.
Winner announced on Facebook Live last year.
VICTORVILLE, Calif. - Feb. 12, 2017 - PRLog -- February is the month of love. What better way to share some love than to start Valley Hi Toyota's commitment to giving multiple cars away in 2017 with their Used Car Giveaway social media campaign. "Ironically this is our 14th giveaway which coincides with the…
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